(Fresh Fruit Producer and Exporter)

Our orchard's first sapling planted at year 2000 on a 35 hectar field by using M9 apple mature trees inside the Cigdemli village border at Karaman City Turkey.

Our orchard protected from frost by using wind machines and also we have early warning system for any agricultural illnesses and also harmful insects.
On the other hand all orchard covered with net against sunburn and hail. In the season all our orchard irrigating with computer based dropping system.

With our Experienced people and Master technic staff we are making fresh apple production under European Standarts.

Our most popular kinds
Mondial Gala, Breaburn, Top Red, Jonagored, Pinova, Fuji, Summer Red, Crowngold, Santana, Granny-Smith, Golden Delicious and Red chief

Fresh fruits can be exported from Turkey, as the industry has been doing over many years. The quality of Turkey fruit is of the best in the world, the local market quality is great but the rest of the world get the best. The process of getting the fresh fruit from the producers to the end wholesaler requires a company which is reliable in every way, especially when the wholesalers are on the other side of the world.

Wind machines which are used for frost protection.



Örnek Tarım Türkçe Ana Sayfa
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